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Covid in Belmarsh Prison

11 months ago by Assange Hub

Covid is tearing through Belmarsh Prison, and as of a few hours ago (12th January 2021), Julian Assange’s unit was put on lockdown and classed as an outbreak area. No association is allowed between prisoners.

Whether the intentions behind the virus were nefarious or not, we are dealing with a real virus, that many of the people around us have caught.

The important thing to note is that COVID is now being used as a smokescreen to usher in all the restrictions and try and expand control and surveillance and basically clamp down on the people. Jabbed or not!

We have friends and family members that have caught it. Coronaviruses have been around longer than humans almost. The smokescreen is also being used to create division among people, because again, this makes control and surveillance easier for the GIC and other parties to implement.

Laughing and/or ridiculing people is counter productive. Engage in informed discussions. Do you want real change?

Don’t fall for the divide.