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Julian Assange

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Who Is Julian Assange?

Why Do The Powerful Want Him Silenced?

Why Do The People Need Him Free?

Julian Assange is an award winning journalist and publisher who founded WikiLeaks in 2006. Through WikiLeaks, a multi-national media organization and associated library, whistleblowers around the world have been able to anonymously and securely provide proof of corruption and wrongdoing of powerful governments and international businesses. WikiLeaks publications have been used as evidence in court cases all over the world.

If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.

Julian Assange

Courage is contagious. This is the Wikileaks motto, in it can be seen the central belief behind Wikileaks founding. Every time someone steps up and brings the truth to the people, it becomes easier for others to follow suit. Wikileaks provided the process to make whistleblowing a global phenomena. People cannot change the injustice that they do not know about. Democracy cannot operate without transparency.

The current US case against Assange is made to look, to the casual observer, like a case protecting national security. It is however the greatest threat to free press. Through this case the US government is seeking to set a precedent that will allow governments to arrest anyone from anywhere who publishes something that government does not like, regardless of international borders, human rights and the right to know. Autocratic governments are already using the US and UK treatment of Assange as defense for their own prosecution of journalists.

One cannot stand up for truth without making enemies and Assange has made some very powerful ones. With Wikileaks’ publication of proof of US war crimes and proof of illegal CIA surveillance, Assange became public enemy number one to the military industrial complex.

These are the people who have cost the world thousands of innocent lives in their endless wars, created specifically to launder tax money. These are people who will plan to assassinate, hire a pedophile to make false testimony and torture a journalist for years.

There has been an ongoing character assassination of Assange to manufacture consent for this witch hunt.

  1. LIEJulian Assange and Wikileaks endangered US citizens and her allies by publishing documents about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. TRUTH – The US State Department could find no proof that anyone was harmed by the information made public by Wikileaks.
  2. LIE Julian Assange is a rapist. TRUTH – The two woman in the investigation never claimed to have been raped or had intended to report any criminal offense. One texted her friend after speaking with the police that it was clear that they wanted to get their hands on Assange. She had simply wanted him to take an HIV test and refused to be questioned further. The condom that was submitted to evidence as having been torn during intercourse did not have Assange’s DNA or anyone else’s. This investigation was started after the US asked allies to find reasons to prosecute Assange. The case was dropped due to lack of evidence.
  3. LIEJulian Assange hacked or instructed Chelsie Manning on how to hack into US Government databases to steal classified information. TRUTH – Chelsie Manning testified that she did not hack anything, everything she passed on to WikiLeaks she had official access to.
  4. LIEJulian Assange is a traitor being charged with espionage. TRUTH Assange is a citizen of Australia and thus cannot be a traitor to the US Government. He is being charged 17 times under the espionage act, an act from 1917. He is charged with receiving and publishing the truth. The one “hacking” charge was a complete fabrication which was demolished in courts by experts. The US knew they were going to lose so dropped the entire case and issued a new superseding indictment that included testimony from a convicted fraudster, thief and sex offender, Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson. Thordarson had it out for Assange who’d helped put him behind bars for abusing minors. He recently admitted that his entire testimony was made up and he’d it to the FBI to gain immunity for his own crimes.

What Can We Do To Free Assange?